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SGMF Forum - October 2019

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SGMFnewsletter 2018 03 HR

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SGMFnewsletter 2018 02 HR

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SGMFnewsletter 2018 01 HR

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SGMF Publications

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SGMF Members Portal Quick Guide 2018 09

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BASiL User Guide Rev04

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BASiL short Rev01

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China advances ECA implementation date

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China advances ECA implementation date

Perhaps this Chinese ECA is an indicator of the mindset that Chinese officials have and the seriousness with which they are addressing sulphur emissions from ships in their country. 

WA Labor IAP LNG MFI Write Up

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WA Labor IAP LNG MFI Write Up

“LNG MFI Speaks to the WA Labor International Affairs Policy Committee”

Teleconference Summary

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Teleconference Summary

Stakeholder teleconference summary – 5 September 2018

AiP of LNG dual fuelled 210K DWT bulk carrier design

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AiP of LNG dual fuelled 210K DWT bulk carrier design

Lloyds Register, a member of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute’s alliance of organisations bound by a common purpose, is continuing to exhibit global leadership and vision in the LNG fuelled bulk carrier market. Well done!

Oil Condition Monitoring and the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap

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