Rod Duke CEO of GLNG Operations Pty Ltd

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Rod Duke as a director of the Board of LNG Marine Fuel Institute.Rod joins existing Board members Mary Hackett, the Hon Stephen Smith, Tony Brooks, Hirohide Gohda and Captain Walter Purio.

Rod has extensive global experience in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry with over 33 years in project management, engineering, construction, commissioning, operations, commercial, marketing and business development areas. Rod has overall responsibility for project execution, commissioning & start-up, ongoing plant & pipeline operations, commercial, LNG marketing and production planning for GLNG.

Rod successfully delivered the Santos GLNG 420 kilometre long gas transmission pipeline and completion of the 2 train LNG plant on Curtis Island. With a capacity of 7.8 million tonnes per annum, GLNG is one of Australia’s largest resource projects, employing around 14,000 people at peak construction and more than 1,000 during ongoing operations.

Rod’s qualifications include an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Business Management from Deakin University.

With his wealth of experience in the LNG industry, Rod is a welcome addition to the Board as LNG MFI seeks in 2019 to carry the LNG MFI message to the Australian eastern seaboard that a move to LNG as a transport fuel in the bulk ore shipping trade will:

• effectively eliminate sulphur, nitrous oxide and particulates emissions meeting the new IMO emission standards set for introduction on 1 January 2020;

• reduce by between 20-30% greenhouse gas emissions in the bulk ore shipping trade;

• bring the national benefits of increased security of energy supply and establishment of a new LNG bunkering industry to Australia.

Richard Sandover

Chair, LNG MFI


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