Connect LNG AS of Norway has been elected to join the LNG Marine Fuel Institute

Connect LNG AS of Norway has been elected to join the LNG Marine Fuel Institute

We are pleased to announce that Connect LNG AS from Oslo, Norway was unanimously elected by the LNG Marine Fuel Institute Board of Directors in January to join the Institute as the next international member, following GTT’s election in late 2018. Well done CLNG!!!

In his media statement, Magnus Eikens, Chief Commercial Officer of ConnectLNG, said “we share the same core values and beliefs as LNG MFI, that one needs fresh thinking and bold leadership to move away from oil and coal as the world’s primary source of energy.

To use LNG as an alternative fuel, both for energy production and as bunker fuel, would reduce global CO2 emissions, completely remove SOx particles and cut NOx emissions by up to 85 %. Connect LNG would like to do its part to achieve this and believes that teaming up with LNG MFI will take us one step closer to our common goal.

About Connect LNG

Connect LNG believes that cleaner energy should be cheap and accessible. We make this possible by providing cost efficient solutions to clients worldwide.

The company and technology are based on decades of Norwegian experience with LNG. Connect LNG’s core competence is cryogenic liquids, maritime engineering and naval architecture as well as business development within the small-scale LNG industry.

As the first in the world, Connect LNG has delivered a cost-efficient jettyless system for safe transfer of LNG between vessels and storage tanks, the Universal Transfer System (UTS®), bypassing the need for building excessive jetties, quays or dredge large areas.

The company has conducted commercial LNG transfer with its jettyless loading system, marking a new era in distributed LNG. The floating loading system was built in 6 months, and it took only 9 months from FID to LNG was transferred safely between Coral Energy and the LNG receiving facility. The first unit was delivered to the Spanish LNG major, Naturgy.

The UTS consists of a floating platform that connects to an LNG carrier and transfer LNG safely through floating hoses between the platform and a floating or non-floating terminal. This provides a solution to discharge or load LNG at facilities where a traditional solution may be difficult to construct due to costs, insufficient up-time or local permits.

The UTS is classed by DNV GL and is unmanned for all LNG operations, to increase the safety of the LNG transfer. Connect LNG’s patented solution can be used for almost any type of fluid, including LH2 in addition to LNG.


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